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The Growth of E-commerce industry

The Growth of E-commerce industry

E-Commerce also is known as Electronic Commerce, refers to the activity of buying and selling products over the internet. The question is how effective and safe is it to transact over the net. So we have studied and had a look back at history comparing how buyers were influenced into buying through different marketing channels.

Growth of E-Market Platforms

With more Apps being launched on a regular basis the Indian E-commerce market is expected to grow to a whopping US$ 2000 by the year 2026. So, where the sales are coming from?  If we look at the traffic more than 52% of website visits were happening on smaller devices which are also an indicator that the majority of sales were from mobiles. Flash sales and Big Billion deals were the major contributors to the success of the top guns.

Top 5 E-Commerce Platforms:

•    At number 5 we have Bigcommerce which is a subscription-based service. With the subscription, the seller can get a sub-domain and hosting service. We can also connect our Domain very easily with certain in-built options. A very decent product management dashboard along with living analytics makes BigCommerce as one of the top-selling platforms globally.

•    Next, at the 4th position, we have Volusion, a versatile platform which allows store owners to sell on Amazon or even eBay. Volusion comes with included SEO features and data which not only shows visitors data but also abandoned carts by potential buyers.

•    Ruling at the top 3rd position is none other than Woocommerce, in addition to the widely used Wordpress as an open and free designing service. Woocommerce is a standalone software with deeply integrated features like product & order management. It offers some great features like multiple payment gateways and responsive to mobile devices. There are many free themes available on WordPress which comes with woocommerce and customizable coupon codes, etc.

•    Next, at the top 2 positions we have Magento which hosts some of the top websites in the world like Ford, Coca Cola, Nike, and many others. Magento offers some great features like quick indexing by Google to display search results. It also provides a host of security features which is one of the many reasons why big brands choose Magento as their web development platform.

•    Coming to the Top rated E-commerce platform, yes, it’s none other than Shopify. Yes, Shopify has created entrepreneurs like Kylie Jenner and store owners like Ricky Hayes. These guys are millionaires made on Shopify e-commerce with a great reputation and promoting on forums like Facebook and Google Ads. The best benefits that Shopify offers are inbuilt add-ons like Oberlo and a list of other superlatives along with SSL certificates and much others.

To conclude better:

My observation on E-commerce Earnings: The best thing about Shopify and other forums like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc is that there are many individuals who just with the knowledge of E-commerce marketing made it to the thousand dollar club through these applications. Our Institute focus on the very best i.e. Shopify to train and set up their own E-commerce stores with a handful of cash. At, Optimize India we will not only the advantages of Shopify but also help them set up their stores at a minimum cost. So, without waiting contact us at the Advanced Digital Marketing Institute in India for our class and workshop schedules.

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