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5 Most Powerful WordPress SEO Plugins To Get Better Ranking in 2019


Are you tired of not getting expected results? You work hard daily but hardly manage to get your content ranked on popular search engines? Do you want to improve your site SEO score?

If you answered the above questions as yes, then it’s the time. I want to tell you that you have landed on the correct web page which will be going to help you out improving your site SEO score and getting your content easily ranked on popular search engines without even putting many efforts.

If you are a WordPress site owner and running a website from past few months or even year then you probably got an idea that writing good content is not just enough. You have to work a little bit smarter and adapt some working strategy in order to get that content ranked on Google or any other search engine you wish to target.

If you are a WordPress user and struggling with web traffic then you have to try something different. So, here comes WordPress SEO plugins. I want to mention that WordPress got thousands of amazing and most powerful SEO plugins which helps you to improve your site performance.

But here comes the most important question. As I mentioned it above that WordPress has a very huge plugin directory, so how to select the best out of those? And does our choice actually be going to affect our website’s performance?

The answer is yes, definitely. Let’s continue reading and find out how. Here’re the top 5 most powerful WordPress SEO Plugins which are personally used by many successful WordPress site owners and they do recommend to use them.

But before I actually start with this list I want to tell you that SEO plugins are very hard to be compared with each other. Each plugin has their own unique feature which makes them count different from one another and that’s what makes them special.

So, if you are a blogger who is looking to improve site SEO then you have to point out major differences of these plugins. That’s how you can rate them. Although, when it comes to offering basic SEO service then they all do a pretty good job.

With this note, let’s get back to the main topic and get started!

1. All in One SEO Pack

Do you know this amazing WordPress SEO plugin is used by over 2 million websites? The most remarkable thing about this plugin is it still manages to have a good rating of 4.4 stars and more than 500 positive reviews.

Unfortunately, there’s a catch in this plugin. It doesn’t have an analysis feature. Although, it will offer you the required setting that you need it won’t be making any kind of suggestions on how to use them.

All in one SEO plugin also gives you complete freedom. You can activate or deactivate the features listed. Based on what you need activating features comes very handy. I personally like this feature because it gives you a light-weighted plugin which will not be affecting your site loading speed.

But what’re its top features?

Well, Firstly, it provides you a meta box for each content so it becomes a lot easier to edit titles and meta description. Plus you also get options for noindex or nofollow for each of your content you edit.

There’s a General setting box too which allows you to configure your site SEO. Not that much but you can also connect easily to Google Search Engine console and other webmaster tools.

In case you are not happy with the free version then there’s a premium version too. All in One SEO Pack pro. This premium SEO plugin has some amazing features which are very helpful. It allows you to control SEO setting for tags, categories, and other classifications. This feature works pretty well when it comes to rank pages on google.

At last, it also has a video SEO feature which is great for all those content creators who create their own video and expect it to reach out a wide range of audience.

2. Yoast SEO

I’m sure you might have heard this name before as this is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin used by WordPress experts. With over 5 million downloads and 23,000 reviews, this plugin manages to have a great rating of 4.9 stars.

Unlike all in one SEO plugin, this plugin has a main focus on analysis. This is much more than simply controlling your site SEO settings. You will also be getting suggestions on how can you improve your content in order to make them more SEO optimized for search engines. Well, there are two main points which are considered while analysis:

1. Keyword Research: How well you have optimized your content according to your targeted keywords.

2. Readability: How good your content is in terms of “Readable”?

When it comes to settings, Yoast’s comes with a lot of cool features. There’s a setup wizard which is very helpful for all beginner level bloggers.

As soon as you start using this plugin, it will automatically activate some of the most important features like creating XML sitemap etc. But similar to All in one SEO pack it also comes with a modular approach of activating and deactivating required features. 

Yoast also has a premium version which comes with some extra helpful characteristics. Extra features include internal link suggestions and content that are not linked to any of your content available on your site.

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3. The SEO Framework

Here’s comes another popular SEO plugin for all WordPress sites. It has a similar performance like the above plugins which we have discussed till now. With around 70,000+ installations and over 175 reviews, this plugins manages to maintain a good star rating of 4.9 stars. Amazing isn’t.

If I need to describe this plugin in a word then I would call it light-weighted. This amazing plugin offers some of the most powerful SEO features without even affecting your website loading speed.

Control of title/description, social media settings, nofollow, noindex , basic site linking, generating XML sitemaps, etc can be easily done via this plugin.

Like others, you can also select to get started with a free or a premium installation. Targeted keyword analysis, Local SEO features, Data Structuring are add-ons which you get with the premium pack.

4. SEOPress

Next, on the list, we have SEOPress. This is an interesting WordPress SEO plugin which has been recently launched into the market. Although, it’s a newcomer it is getting popular among WordPress users at a significant rate. It has around 4.9-star rating with 20,00+ installations and 175+ user reviews.

The best thing about this SEO plugin is its well-designed user interface. The easy interface allows you to get easy control over all the kind of features offered by this plugin. You can also get access to more deeper settings if you wish to customize more. Settings like editing Titles/Meta Description, Sitemaps, Social Network, Google Analytics, Site redirecting and a lot more.

Here comes the best part about this plugin. Access to Google Analytics. It’s more than a simple tracking code. SEOPress enables you to get all the data report of your external link clicks, all download etc. This features it easy to set up and customize so you can easily customize it as per your needs.

In case you want to have more features then there’s a pro version. Pro version has some extra features like data structuring, .htaccess editing, 301 redirects, robots.txt, Google analytics stats, Google keyword suggestion, Broken link checker and WooCommerce.

5. Rank Math

Last, on our list, I would like to mention Rank Math. This is the latest plugin which I have compiled in this list. However, this plugin has got some of the most interesting and unique feature to optimize your site SEO.

Features like 404 monitoring, Google Keyword Suggestion, Google schema snippets supports Detailed site-wide SEO analysis and more. Similar to Yoasts, Rank Math also has a help setup wizard which comes super handy when it comes to newbie bloggers.

It offers pretty much similar features like all the above-mentioned plugins like editing robots.txt, .htaccess, configuring title/meta description, social media support and etc.

But it got some amazing features too. Like content analysis for both in terms of SEO and user readability. It has also got a built-in meta snippets features which allow you to select one from 14 different data types to add schema markup. For example, In case you are up to some kind of review then you just have to select the Review data type. This will enable rating feature without even using any extra plugin.

So, that’s pretty much it with this blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading the above article. So, what have you decided? Which of the above plugin fits your requirement? Do leave your valuable comments below in the comment section and let us know. Also, if you have any other plugins which you like to share with our audience then feel free to mention it down. At last, If you liked the above content then kindly share it online and help your new blogger friends improving their site SEO score… 🙂

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