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What is a Lead and the difference between Qualified & Dead Leads?

What is a Lead and the difference between Qualified & Dead Leads?

A lead means an interest shown by a person or a company by taking an action like submitting a form or hitting the call now button. A lead can also be indirectly connected to an online survey which you might have submitted on a website or a Google form. A lead can result in a sale or revenue of some kind. To reach out to them, you need to find emails of qualified leads. Want to know how? Read the article and become a pro.

Dead leads are those which are created by bots or some kind of automated software whereas a qualified lead is a genuine lead submitted by an individual or a business decision maker.

How Lead Generation plays an important role?

Lead Generation occupies an important part in the field of Marketing. Creating leads and sales can be done both offline and online. However, recent past and statistics prove that generating leads through online methodologies are proving to be highly effective. We have compared the quality of leads for 5 different niches and we were not surprised by the results. It was found that more than 80% of leads were quality ones and the remainder were average and due to uncontrollable factors.

Online Leads: A lifeline for Start-ups

Yes, you have heard it right. Leads produced online has been a savior for many startups and now been implemented by established firms. After speaking to senior management in 3 newly founded startups it was revealed that direct leads have helped their concerned companies to grow at a faster rate.

Is it part of Internet Marketing or just a passing phase?

When we talk about methods to create leads online then we have to admit that it’s an integral part of Digital Marketing. Previously it was limited to PPC platforms like Google Adwords and Bingads. However, things have changed and social media can now be considered as one of the best ways to generate leads.  Other powerful ways are E-mail marketing, Website Pop-ups, Newsletter, etc. The list is growing with many powerful tools to track customer behavior and online shopping history. Now the cache and cookie policy that the user agrees to is responsible for such Analytical data.

So, SEO is as good as zero marketing, is it?

Well, the answer is simple, SEO and Email Marketing has been the base of Digital marketing since ages. Going back a decade, SEO was the single most all-powerful strategy to success online. Then came the logic of E-mail marketing and Sales funnels and how powerful they can be if used effectively.  Now the burning question – is SEO no longer considered to be effective in lead generation? The answer is simple, as per data from Statcounter Google alone accounts for more than 92.25% of searches online. To draw a conclusion to any doubts we can simply say that advanced SEO is still a major source of traffic generation if done correctly and ethically.

Let’s talk about E-mail marketing

There was a time when Gmail had only one folder and that is Inbox. However, with the increase of promotional emails and social media notifications, Gmail came up with multiple folders in the sequence of Primary, Social and Promotions. This segregation has created a huge effect, especially in the E-mail marketing industry. The spike shows a downfall in promotional email opens and had a huge effect in sales. With this industry getting inflated just a little bit, companies like MailChimp and Salesforce had offers to configure end-to-end E-mail campaigns for different business mediums. Going by data we can conclude that this industry has been the most affected in terms of driving traffic and hence revenue.

How to find qualified leads for email marketing

It might seem to be a really tough, complicated, and time-consuming task. But in fact to find emails of qualified lead is truly quick and easy. You only need to choose the most suitable email finder tool. There are hundreds of them on the web and can surely find one to your liking.

We recommend you to choose the tool, which offers lots of search options and filters with a browser extension to perform search on-the-go. With it, you can either go to any page on the Internet and simply click the extension icon to save the found addresses to the list or go to the web application and find emails based on filters.

Let’s know the top 5 Lead generation platforms:

•    PPC Tools: Google Ads and BingAds has always been known for better Return on Investment and hence been the most preferred of all Search Engine Marketing tools.

•    Search Engine Optimization: SEO like we have discussed before accounts for the maximum traffic and website visits.

•    Social Media Campaigns: Lead generation, Scaling Ads & Multiplying Adsets on Facebook have become very popular lately. When it comes to B2B reaches who better than LinkedIn, a professional but provides an array of AD campaigns to reach Business and their Management team.

•    Influencer Marketing: Instagram is known to maximize sales through different niche accounts with a high engagement rate.

•    E-mail Marketing: Even with reduced open rate, strategies can be devised to make better use of this platform.

To Conclude:

With a Digital Marketing agency opening nearly every day it has become difficult for clients to differentiate between an amateur and an established agency. That’s where services like lead generation can be offered with other services like Pay Per Click, SEO, Social Media Marketing, etc. From the client point of view, it’s not a bad idea to ask for relevant references while choosing the Best Lead Generation Company in India.

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