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How to perfectly Pitch your guest posts?

perfectly Pitch your guest posts

Blogging or freelance writing have prevailed over the past few years tremendously and every one thinks of being a pro blogger but having a direct approach in this extremely competitive environment is not everyone’s cup of tea, so to make the deserving people stand out amongst the odds and to provide them a recognition GUEST POSTS have been put up by various A+ grade sites.

Guest blogging or guest posts allows one to develop public relationships and interact with other freelancers or bloggers opening doors to partnership in the future, but having a perfectly pitched guest post is what its takes. The key to writing a perfectly pitched guest post that gets accepted is personalization.

However, this is just the minutest step towards perfect pitching there are other key factors as well that play the role.

  1. Being Focused 

This is one of the most important step that needs to be taken in the process because having a focused and right mindset during the guest post writing makes a huge difference and helps one to be strategic . Every guest post moreover should have a purpose behind for its been written as it is the purpose that differentiates an excellent guest post than the ordinary guest posts  .

  • Find the right sites to pitch

After being aware of what one has to write on, its time to figure out to whom the individual wants to pitch the post to.

For example, if one had made up their mind to write a post on travel so he / she now needs to draw out a list of sites they goanna approach to.

Based upon their preference of the selected list they now need to check out whether their preferred site is accepting the guest posts or not. If it’s a yes, immediately pimp up to travel agencies as a target and greater the traffic on the selected site greater are the chances of people or authorities viewing your post and this will help to accomplish the goal and  get a break into a new niche.

  • Investigating the guidelines

Investigate thoroughly to reach out to every corner of the site’s conditions of pitching a guest post and their guidelines as well because the key to getting a guest post accepted is offering the editor something that will benefit them either social media shares or bringing in the traffic. Failing to go through the guidelines might annoy the editor and will make the person loose his/her chances of getting the post accepted and might also question one’s ability to follow the basic instructions.

  • Pick the right topic

Pitching is all about getting the topic right so that it gets maximum approvals. Search the        site for the topic idea before pitching moreover also keep in mind that the topics are not pre covered and must have a  significant value in the writing world. The topics that you pitch needs to be relevant to the site’s target audience. For example – if you are pitching to make my trip you need to write something relevant to the travelers and travel agencies because that’s who read their blog . 

Check out if the site is having a section of popular posts or not , if they are having then prepare with something similar or to be more specific provide the editor with a couple of topics from different niches that too extremely well written so that they can choose the one they want the most.

  • Professionalism 

Be very professional while writing the posts as giving an informal notification from your posts can lead to rejection. Be brief as well and do  not write about your background and life story simply indulge yourself into writing about the topic only and provide links to your portfolio and previous works and an add-on being providing the link to your website or blog to which you are the only owner.

  • E-mail

E- mailing is one of the best ways to get your post approved and get easy approaching. Do not provide a casual E – mail as it will cause immediate rejection. Provide a professional e- mail address as it will help one to grow immediately and build credibility. Be more personalized in your e-mail and give credits and applauses about the website or blog to the one you are sending a mail.

  • Follow Up 

Keep an account of your recipients to whom you have sent the mail and have a regular follow up with them as chances are there that your recipients might have missed your email or the mails might have landed into their waiting list or have entered their spam list. Contact them over your required mail if necessary to draw your post into their notice for being checked .

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