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How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Startup?

How to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Startup?

There are over 100 million startups launched every year worldwide. What are the odds that you will survive the competition? You need to have a cutting-edge digital marketing strategy, backed by a good agency to survive in the market. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start looking out for digital marketing services? You want your product to go viral. This may seem a bit too far-fetched, but that thought process is universal. Looking for the right digital marketing agency from an ocean of agencies can be a daunting task. Hence, we have created an audit list that you must have while looking for a digital marketing agency.

The Agency’s Core Strength

Like all businesses, every agency should be able to differentiate themselves from others by offering a USP. Alternatively, the agency should have specialized core strength. For instance, some agencies specialize better in reaching out to a certain type of audience base.

To be able to pick the right agency, you can follow the SWOT analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threat). From the SWOT analysis, you can get a clearer picture and streamline your marketing needs accordingly. Likewise, by focusing on any one domain, you can hire an agency, which specializes in that particular domain.

The Budget

As a startup, your marketing budget may hardly match up with that of a full-fledged business. Hence, you need to ensure that you get the best agency within your stipulated budget. However, don’t compromise on quality and look for agencies that offer competitive pricing. You can do some prior market research before zeroing in on the agency for your startup.

Don’t Neglect the Credibility of the Agency

You should thoroughly assess the credibility of the digital marketing agency. You can start by looking at their past clients, their testimonials, authority in the industry and experience. When browsing through scores of agencies, have a look at their website and try to spot the following:

1. Industry awards or recognition

2. Successful case studies

3. Work portfolio

4. Social media presence

Try to shortlist the agencies based on the above parameters and get in touch with them for quotes. You can also ask for customized services.

It Must Understand Your Marketing Needs

Having a well-defined marketing objective boosts the awareness of your brand, generates sales/leads etc. The agency you hire should be able to understand these objectives and streamline the marketing plan accordingly. They should be able to adapt to any change and be knowledgeable with the latest developments in the marketing tools and channels.

Trust the Local Agencies

The local agencies that operate in your area understand the pulse of your target audience better than agencies stationed outside. This is especially true when you want to restrict your marketing to a particular area.  You can also look for agencies that have branches spread all over India.


Tall promises at low prices can be misleading. For long term contracts, there must be transparency between the two parties. Transparency guarantees unobstructed communication and efficient implementation of the strategies. When scouting for digital marketing agencies, you must prefer the one that is absolutely transparent about the costs involved, deliverables, and other important areas.


In a nutshell, the characteristics of a good digital marketing agency include data transparency, industry experience, accountability and a clear understanding of your marketing needs. Therefore, when choosing the agency, make sure you have cross-checked for all these characteristics. You need to have the right agency partner for your startup at the beginning as these years are crucial for your long term success.

Author bio:

This article is written by Micheal Anderson, he has a great experience on video SEO, content marketing, social media optimization etc.

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