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Krazymind is a design, technology, money, and inspiration related blog and community which provides daily resources for web designers, entrepreneur, and Freelancer.

Currently, Krazymind averages 3K+ visitors per month (more than 4K page views) and it is steadily growing.

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What should I write about?

Our blog targets advanced users. Krazymind is provide tutorial, tips and inspirational resources for web design, development, business, money, graphic design and freelancer.

When it comes to posts, we try not to limit our contributors to certain topics, as we’d much rather prefer that everyone wrote about their passions. However, we need to keep our content within the lines.

Topics for Post:- Search Engine Optimization. Business, Web Design and Development, Technology, Money, Inspiration, Tips and Tricks, gadgets and Blogging.

Steps to Publish Your Post:-

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How long should my post be?

We encourage articles of 800 words minimum. Although we’re not very strict about this, we do recommend all writers to create rather extensive articles. This ensures both a proper coverage of the chosen topic and a good response from our audience.

Should I include links within my post?

No. You are not allowed to include links within post, you can only include links in Author Bio, so carefully create you bio. We will only give No-Follow link if you want Do-Follow link then contact us.

Note: We do not accept self-promotion or affiliate links.

Should I include photos?

It necessarily. However, if you do decide to include photos, please make sure you own the copyright to any images you submit with your posts or that you include image credits.

Note: The images need to be minimum 650 pixels and maximum 800 pixels.