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How to Choose a Quality Rug with Confidence?

How to Choose a Quality Rug with Confidence?

A rug is not only a piece of decoration on the floor or walls of your home, but it is the one piece that brings a whole change in the overall look of the room. So, it is recommended to choose the good quality and right rug for your living space to bring the style perfectly that you want. Many people take a lot of time in search of the best rug or carpet for their home, as there is a huge variety of rugs available in the market, regarding size, color, material, style, and patterns.

When going to buy a rug for your home or office, give more value on buying a top quality rug. This is because it will stay with you for decades in good condition. The most famous and high-quality rugs were woven in Persia, and today’s top quality rugs are the products that weaved in the set standard of Persian rugs. Sometimes, individuals feel it difficult to identify the high-quality rugs as they do not have much knowledge and understanding.

A wide range of rugs available in good, better and fine quality, you need to take some time in understanding how to choose the best one for you. Some ways to get to know the quality of the rug when buying are given below:

The Material of the Rug:

The first thing to consider is the material of the rug. Natural material rugs stay longer in good condition and look great as well. The question is how to identify the good quality material.

  • If you are buying a wool rug, remember that a rug that is made of good quality wool have soft and pliable properties and it does not show evidence of being dry and brittle.
  • A quality silk rug has a good sheen and it also exhibits fine detail around the color boundaries. Because of the finer fibers, these rugs include more knots per square inch.

Check the Color Quality:

Good quality rugs are dyed with the excellent quality colors and they do not fade or shed easily. When buying rug check the quality of color by rubbing on it, if the color runs out, it shows that the low-quality colors and coloring techniques have been used.

Knots per Square Inch:

The primary and fundamental difference between the best quality and low-quality rug is the knots per square inch. A rug that has more knots per square inch is the top quality rug. When buying the rug, must ask from the seller about the knots of the rug.

When you are grading rug, it means that it has the above qualities. A good quality rug is not only made up of good material and dye, but it also has beautiful and stunning colors, designs and looks. Top quality rugs are expensive that the machine made rugs, but they keep with you for more time and even for many decades in good condition and give a great look to the room.

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