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Best Apps for Hacking In-App Purchases of Online Games

Best Apps for Hacking In-App Purchases of Online Games

Whilst the use of Android phones is increasing day by day, the craze of android games will be also increasing at a tremendous rate. Today I am got inform you some amazing apps for in app purchase hack android online games.

Mini racing is still a very fun game but we all know that the cool and awesome cars are locked and we have to play cross some hard levels to attain those awesome cars however, the way is long and believe me you don’t want to waste your time in playing upgrading. The thing is there are many ways to play games at awesome ways just imagine you are in beginner’s level and playing that game moon rover that the fun will be too much and your game will probably be lit.

Now the question arises how would you/I do so? How in the world would anyone do so?

The solution will be in app purchase hack android online games.

These are the apps which modify the game files within their root folder and manipulate the data. These are the few apps that will help you along the way to get these things:


This application can be a boon for beginners who want to do things but don’t have much knowledge to do it.

Pros of these apps are:

  • Easy interface
  • Simple drop-down menu
  • No more extra files or trash file generated
  • The application do sorts of things easily.
  • In app purchase can be removed.
  • Games can be modified in many ways.

Cons are:

  • Root required
  • The paid version is far better than the free one.
  • Presence of few in app bugs
  • TweakyBox:

This can be an amazing app:


  • Simple User friendly menu.
  • Modification can be done according to user
  • Many features are there which do not require root access.
  • Best alternative for play store.


  • This app does not get normal updates. This could be actually the only problem otherwise it’s just a great app.

Freedom, while its name says, it gives you the freedom to download some android app’s in-app purchase. Click the following link to download apk file of freedom app


  • You can do the in-app purchase of the app for free.
  • You can get the ads free version of the apps. You can even get the upgrades games using freedom app.
  • Presence of features which don’t require root access.


  • Your Android must be rooted
  • Cree Hack:

Cree Hack is another good application to get the free in-app purchase of almost any game and update to this maximum level.


  • Most of the popular games can be hacked by Cree Hack.
  • Works only on selected games and not for applications. However, the list of those games which Cree Hack can be applied is long and all of the popular games are with this list.
  • Small size application
  • Able to bypass app payments.
  • Open source software.


  • Cree Hack provides all resources which makes your game less challenging or boring.
  • Leo Playcard:

Leo play card is yet another application which helps you get paid resources for free.


  • No root required for in-app purchase hacks.
  • Most of the applications are supported.
  • Free of cost.
  • Simple GUI


  • Does not support online games.
  • Game Guardian App:

This amazing app allows you to hack your android games in almost no time.


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Allows you to perform explicit functions.
  • Supports over 90 languages.
  • Free of cost.


  • Requires root access.
  • Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is one among the best application available on the web.


  • Can be connected into local or remote process through IP(Internet Protocol)
  • Open Source software
  • Free to download


  • This application Features a memory viewer due to this some RAM is required when zoomed out.
  • Root access required.
  • Requires a P.C (personal computer).
  • Can only be run on a computer.

These really are some of their best applications for in-app purchase hack android online games which I have personally used and now recommending to all of the android games fans out there.

I really hope you find this article helpful.

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