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Top 3 Free Methods to Removing Password from Pdf Online

Methods to Remove Password From Adobe PDF File

Its a common work flow in the document creation that people create their documents using MS Word, but they share them in the PDF file format. Reason being the Adobe PDF can retain the layout of the document better than word, not affected  by the Operating System, software version, devices, installed fonts, primary languages, screen sizes, and the other look and feel of the MS Word file. These PDF files are uneditable unless and until the creators allow editing, printing & copying.

But there are cases when user need to remove password from PDF files just because they are annoying. If in case user create password protected PDF but the need to edit that file arises then there could be a deadlock situation. In that case, entering the password each time for editing will be needed. This irritation will get multiplied if user set the password to open & view PDF documents.

How to delete password from PDF file? Here are the best 3 methods to remove password from adobe PDF file.

Method 1: Remove Password from Adobe PDF using Print Method

Method 2: Remove Password from PDF file using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Method 3: Unlock the PDF file using Professional Tool

Go through the write-up to get the best manual techniques to delete password from PDF file.

Note:  In the below section we have discussed both the solutions for (known) Open & Permission password remover.

Method 1: Remove Password from Multiple PDF Files by Printing

The easy and simple way to remove permission password from PDF file is very efficient and will help the job done. For this, open the PDF file and print it as PDF. The resultant file will be a password-free duplicate copy of the document. This procedure will only work if the PDF does not have any printing restrictions.

There are various method through which one can print PDF files, but one method which is similar across OS is with the help of Google Chrome.

  • Open the PDF document & provide the password it requires.
  • Click “Print” button from the PDF toolbar
  • Now, click the “change” button under the destination & then choose “Save as PDF” option.
  • After that click on “Save” button and a prompt will be displayed where user need to fill the name & location for the new PDF file. The new PDF file will contain the same content, but will not be password-protected.

For Windows 10 users they have this in-built PDF printing feature. This similar feature is also available on the Mac OS.

Method 2: How to Remove Password from PDF file using Adobe Reader DC

Follow the steps to remove permission password from PDF:

Remove Document Open Password

  1. Open PDF file with Acrobat DC, click the Protect option from the left-pane
  2. Click Encrypt >> Remove Security. Enter password then Click OK.

Remove Permission Password

  • Open PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Click the lock icon from the left side & then click the Permission details.
  • Now, click the security method box, from that select the No Security option, enter the proper password & then click ok to remove PDF password. Close the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC window & then a prompt will get displayed to save the changes. After completion, the password will get deleted from the original PDF file.

Professional workaround to Remove Password From PDF File

Other than the two methods mentioned above, user can easily eliminate the password in PDF documents using the best PDF unlocker tool. This software will help you unlock PDF restrictions by removing, editing, printing and copying restrictions. This tool delete password from PDF file created with all the versions of Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF file application.

Note: This software removes all types of restrictions & passwords i.e Owner Level as well as Known User level password security. For removing user level password, initially user has to enter the password.

For deleting the Owner level restrictions user can try this automated solution:

  • Launch the software. Click on the “Unlock” button the proceed.
  • After that a window will appear. Click on Browse button to provide the source path of the file that is to be unlocked.
  • Now, select the PDF from the stored location.
  • As the file gets loaded, the software displays the permissions & the stats for the current document.
  • The tool will create a new decrypted PDF file after removing the restrictions from the PDF file. Now, select the destination path to save the decrypted PDF file. Click on the Browse button to select the destination box.
  • Browse the location where the unlocked PDF file is saved. If the folder destination does not exits, then “Make New Folder”.
  • Next click the “Unlock PDF” option to remove password from PDF file.
  • A message box will appear displaying PDF gets unlocked successfully. Click OK to proceed.


Performing different kind of operations like editing, copying, printing on a PDF document becomes difficult if we keep getting the open password or the Owner level password prompt. Thus, this blog provides you the guidelines on how to remove password from PDF file manually or using an automated solution.

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