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Top 11 Highest Paid AdSense Websites

Top 11 Highest paid adsense websites

Google has its top most adsense earning with most of the people earning from their websites which they earn in millions from Google adsense. If you are running any blog then it is important that you must think of ideas to increase your wealth here with some persons becoming the true inspiration. Generally, the number of people is searching for these highest paid adsense websites on the internet. These are going to make you quite crazy with the priority to let you know about the website details for the interest. Here one need to share information about the desire that how much of money that you want to really know from Google adsense programs. These are going to bring on some exclusive questions that are faced by the bloggers and internet entrepreneurs who are wishing to earn money from their websites and even from those common adsense earnings.

What is adsense?

Google adsense is considered the most popular way to make money online from the website. It is said to be the earning potential which seems limited to start and other than that mainly it is required with the support of very high amount of hard work as well as dedication. This thing makes to earn decent amount of income from Adsense program. There are a lot of success stories relating to these highest paid adsense websites. Rather these sites are a source of inspiration for efforts to achieve more of revenues.

How you can start earning

This is among the best ever Google’s advertising programmes for publishers and site owners. This is free to join around the globe. You will be able to place Google Ad units on your web pages with a maximum of three ad units per page. When the visitors to your website click on these ads than you will earn a share of the revenues that Google makes from the ad and you are going to gain.

The right amount received from these per click can be anything from a few cents to a couple of dollars it is all depending on how competitive your keywords are to the adsense program. Also, there is a chance of lot of visitors on click through rates which are favorable.

The real amount being received per click can be anything from a few cents to that of a couple of dollars. This is depending on how competitive your knowledge is on the adsense program. There would be either a lot of visitors or your click through the rates is quite favorable then your earning can easily go up. For information, more of addition in terms of making the money by displaying the adsense on site, you can take the advantage of other sites.

Sites that are highest paid adsense websites

1. Pete cash more

This is one of the top and highest paid adsense websites in the world. The owner of as well as Pete cash more is earning huge numbers per month from Google adsense as per sources. Also, they started the blogging niches website with the support of sharing technology news, social media, development and more niches.  

2. Digital point by Shawn Hogan

The one stands on 2nd position being among the highest paid adsense websites. Monthly earning of this is around $ 5,50,000 and it came to existence from 1995. The website has an option for sharing ideas and also helping other bloggers in solving their issues.

3. Plenty of

This is the third highest one with the website monthly earning of around $ 350,000. The founder of the website named isand launched it from 2003.

4. Digg

This is among the highest paid adsense website which stands 4th. This is one of the popular online website which came to existence in 2004 and was found by Kevin Rose. The one have its daily page views of 30 million and its monthly Google adsense earnings of $250,000.


This stands in 5th position being one of the highest paid adsense website. The one is developed by CourtneyA rosen. This provides with guidelines and best solutions for online problems in 1999. The one contains daily page view of 25 million and its monthly Google adsense earning is around $ 240,000.

6. Techcrunch

 The site is designed by J.Michael Arrington and was launched in 2005. This website monthly earning stands on with $ 2, 40, 000. Today it is the most popular site globally. Daily page view is around 25 million and its monthly earning matters the most.

7. Hilton

This is the 7th highest adsense earners globally. The site is designed by Mario Armando lavandeira. The site was launched 2004 and its daily page views around 1 million and Google adsense earning is around $2,00,000. Daily page view is around 30 million and monthly earning is $ 200,000.

8. Brian Alvey

This is one of the heightest paid website with being discovered by Jason calacanis. The website came to existence in 2003 and it’s cofounded by Jason Calacanis. The website monthly page view stretches around 25 million and then the monthly adsense earning is around $ 190,000.

9. Shoe Money

The website was launched from 2003 and its monthly Google earning is $ 140,000. The website monthly page views 25 millions. Jeremy shoemaker is the founder of the website.

10. Click India

The site was launched by Pankaj Agarwal with a monthly view of 5.5 million. Every month earning ranges to $ 85,000 monthly. The website was launched in 2007.

11. Tweet meme

This stands on 11th position which was designed by Nick Halstead in 2008. The monthly page view is 385,000 and monthly adsense earning is around $2, 25,000.

Apart from these above, there is some more running as the highest paid adsense websites. For a lot number of people the blogging is considered as a primary source of revenue. So with the Google adsense is going to become a primary stage with being the hard and highest paid adsense website.

Author bio: This article is a guest contribution from Soumik Ghosh who is a blogger and SEO consultant with over 8+ years of experience in SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing. He writes for his own blog When he is not working he likes to play football and study Google Analytics which he thinks is the best web analytics platform existed ever!

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