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The most innovative logo designing trends of 2019

The most innovative logo designing trends of 2019

A company logo is a visual identity of a company and helps to make a brand. It is a small piece of artwork that makes a brand identity for your business. Keeping aside all the designing trends at a side, a logo must have the basic four qualities to make an impression- embodies your brand, instantly recognized, versatile, and timeless. If you as a designer or entrepreneur is able to reach these four qualities in your logo design, all the secondary requirements like simplicity and memorability will naturally follow.

A well-designed logo helps in boosting awareness and improving your marketing goals. Conversely, a poorly designed logo will result in perishing your brand and business to dust. That is why rebranding is essential. That is why renowned companies keep on rebranding their logo designs periodically to stay on the top of their industry. Companies who are knowledgeable of the facts and figures of the marketing strategies but lack in capital use free online logo maker tool at their benefit to make mesmerizing and compelling logos for their companies.

Whether you are looking forward to launching your business logo or thing of rebranding, your logo design should be fresh and relevant according to the latest trends in logo designing. So let’s discuss some of the logo designing trends that are here to stay in 2019.

Perspective designing

Designers have started to play with perspective to challenge the traditions and norms of logo designing. Business who wants to create an impact should consider logos that tricks the eyes and plays visual games.

Bright colors

Colors make a profound impact on how a person sees the world. Colors make a psychological impact on the minds of the people and are a strategic approach to persuade and influence the people. You should be knowledgeable about the color psychology while making a logo and select a color that best suits your business.

Negative spacing

Logos that uses negative spaces are an ultimate example of simplicity and complexity at the same time. Animators utilize negative spaces and make innovative new designs to display the message of the company. Hiding letters and images in a logo can add an element of sophistication ad surprise. This logo style has been in trend for a long time and is here to stay.

Simple typography

Simple logo design has always been in trend for many years and will remain a trend for several more. Simple typography is a memorable presentation of the brand. It makes it easy to understand and conveys a simple message of your company to the audience. Consider Coca-Cola for example, its logo is simple and has a unique font style that is easy to understand and can easily be recognized.


More like reviving the old designs is going to be a trend in 2019. Vintage looks have always had a look of sophistication and authenticity into it.

We are looking forward to creating an aura of intricate, detailed, handcrafted and artistic designs in these years and the years ahead. The vintage look gives a sense of authenticity and complexity to the design.


Like using bright colors in designs is in trends, gradients have become a top modern trend in logo designing. Being a thing of the past, gradient lost the spotlight and was forgotten until it made a comeback with Instagram logo. Now it is not only used in logo designing but have made its way to web designing, print designing and many more. It has lost the limelight before, but it is likely here to stay for an extended period.

Geometric shapes

Geometric shapes can be a powerful element to create memorable symbols. Mathematically precise squares, perfect circles, and other shapes tend to appear in nature. Using these shapes in logo design communicates a sense of power and order. With wisely chosen colors and different meaningful shapes can convey your visions and ideas to the audience. Just keep in mind that simple logos can sometimes challenge your efforts and make your brand identity distinct.

Logo designs and new trends are something that is able to breathe life into your business and help you make a brand identity. Make sure that the trend that you follow represents your brand thoughtfully and can resonate with your business and market.

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